About EnergiData A/S

Energy efficiency is our core business and expertise

All our energy goes into helping you save yours.

We make energy a coherent work area, enabling our customers to enhance their input and subsequently document their returns. Achieving this demands smart solutions, flexibility and the freedom to choose when it comes to collecting data and constructing the setup or the SmartBuilding that matches the specific type of business.

We create tomorrow’s EMS solution

In partnership with our customers, we’re creating tomorrow’s EMS solutions and landscape, which provide fundamental answers to our customers’ mission-critical needs, such as energy efficiency and -savings and green reports. Developing and supporting our EMS platform is the very essence of our operation. We have dedicated our business to one geeky thing: the creation of digital energy management. It is this focus that makes us experts in energy management.

We pass on our expertise to our customers. There is much we can teach them in the field of energy management and -efficiency. We can demonstrate that high-quality data and energy management are a real benefit. We can advise them, challenge them and act as a sounding board for them. We are experts in energy efficiency and, just as importantly – we are experts in opportunities.

Bridging the green transition.

Ultimately, modern energy management is all about energy efficiency. I.e. systematising our behaviour in the field of energy consumption. The world is crying out for solutions with the capacity to support climate progress and the green transition. We at EnergiData have always incorporated climate and carbon considerations into our solution, into all areas of our basic infrastructure and into what we actually do.

Achieving green objectives starts with collecting data and gaining insight into energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our MinEnergi2 solution handles the data collection processes associated with green reports. This is arguably the simplest way to produce a complete climate report.

Cool facts about EnergiData

EnergiData is a Danish SaaS company, delivering the EMS-platform MinEnergi2 in the PropTech segment, both in Denmark and Internationally. We are an independant driven company, under ownership of the energycompany OK. Our headquater is in the Køge-area, with regional offices in Viby (Aarhus, DK) and Duisburg (Tyskland). Today, there are more than 12,000 properties connected to our energy monitoring and efficiency platform – MinEnergi2.

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