Make your energy and fuel consumption measurable

The transportation sector plays a key role in our welfare society. Not only does your sector have to accommodate society’s rising need for transport, but you also need to deal with a derivative problem: namely, that carbon emissions from the sector are increasing, with more and more transport customers seeking carbon data for their climate reports.

The challenges are numerous and complicated, and it is your business that has to come up with the relevant solutions. The common denominator in these solutions is data – for energy and fuel. Make your initiatives measurable. Knowing your data is the foundation of every initiative and objective.

By gaining access to energy data and insight into consumption, you put your business in a position to slim down your energy consumption. The result? Savings on energy, with the added benefits of lower costs and reduced carbon emissions. To the benefit of your business, your customers and the climate.

MinEnergi2 – EMS platform

A single solution for all your energy data

MinEnergi2 is a complete solution for registering all your energy data, irrespective of source of energy, and encompassing a total of six areas of consumption.

We register consumption data by applying remote reading to all your meters and through integrations with other systems – fleet management solutions, Facility Management software, BM and waste management systems and the like – enabling you to collate all your data onto a single platform.

MinEnergi2 – climate report

Climate report in a single click

Are you subject to ESG reporting requirements, or the new EU directive on CSRD reporting? If so, our carbon documentation and climate report tools are – to put it mildly – of huge benefit to you and your customers.

Automated climate report
When you invest in MinEnergi2, you simultaneously gain access to a complete, automated climate report function. Energy and consumption data are entered automatically and displayed in hard cash, kWh/m3 and units of CO2. The data are also divided across scopes 1, 2 and 3 as stipulated in the GHG protocol, and can be shared with your customers as documentation.

A single click is all it takes to generate the relevant documents – which is arguably the easiest way to prepare a complete climate report.

Digital energy management with MinEnergi2

Make energy a single, coherent work area

The MinEnergi2 platform is designed to automate the administration of major property portfolios, vehicle fleets and production lines. The value of switching from manual processes to dealing with energy as a fully automated and coherent work area is simply enormous. The benefits include quick and simple work processes with full control and overview of consumption and production, backed by efficient reporting tools.

MinEnergi2 – operation & service

Get off to a good start. We’re with you every step of the way.

We take care of the entire project, from start to finish. Our fitters establish remote reading of your meters, and we set up your entire portfolio in the system. You can “go live” in multiple phases, and once the project has been implemented, you receive a complete, Turnkey solution with solid training in its use.

Once your new EMS is up and running, we can provide backing with a service level adapted to the needs of your operating team. Our team of energy experts offers assistance whenever you need a little extra expertise, advice or ongoing support.

What are transport customers saying about EnergiData?

Once we know our emissions and our environmental impact, we’re in a position to set the targets we need for the future

Michael Frihagen, CEO

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