Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S

The Danish transport company Kaj Madsen is one of the largest suppliers of food transport in Europe.

The company is a specialist in international transport of temperature-sensitive goods, optimising and monitoring operations throughout Europe, where they use their own vehicles in every link of the transport chain.

Kaj Madsen runs a modern business, using technology to monitor, operate and improve the efficiency of its fleet. The company has direct satellite connections to all units and runs a fleet management system that delivers data automatically to MinEnergi2.

Using MinEnergi2, the plan is to automate the previously manual process for reading meters and for establishing an overview of consumption based on invoices from energy companies. EnergiData is setting up a remote reading system to allow the company, in future, to access reliable data on consumption, carbon emissions and compliance with the CSRD directive, so as to accommodate wishes from customers for valid data for their own climate reports.

The challenge

The challenges that led to an investment in an EMS (Energy Management System) principally took the form of lack of overview of energy consumption in the business as a whole, but also involved a desire for insight into where in the operation there were errors or inappropriate consumption.

As a transporter, Kaj Madsen was likewise subject to a range of new requirements, including the new CSRD directive, which entails the company’s customers requesting data about the carbon emissions linked to the transport services they have purchased.

In addition, Kaj Madsen needed access to valid data and an automated process for its own climate reports.

The solution

Remote reading established to provide consolidated registration of all consumption in MinEnergi2, in all areas of the business. The solution covers three mission-critical areas. Energy, green accounts and support for customers with CSRD compliance obligations.

The company has access to monitoring, analysis, forecasting and reporting tools, with alerts set up to ensure timely action in the event of errors or leaks.

The system supplies a complete carbon report.

Integrations: MinEnergi2 draws consumption data from the company’s fleet management system.

Kaj Madsen purchases fuel from a number of suppliers, including OK, which deliver data directly to MINENERGI2.

Results & benefits (anticipated)

Overview of and insight into total consumption – encompassing buildings, vehicles and consumer behaviour – puts the company in a position to take action on errors and over-consumption, to improve efficiency in the fields of energy and resources, to achieve savings potential and then to document everything in its climate report.

Automated work processes save time and resources: Digital energy management means that data are registered automatically through remote reading, validated, and then converted into carbon figures. Moreover, the company saves working hours and time spent updating Excel spreadsheets when preparing its climate report or passing on carbon data to customers.

Savings in both hard cash and carbon emissions: Through improving energy consumption efficiency.

Transparency and insight into consumption: Transparency and insight into consumption puts Kaj Madsen in a strong new position to generate savings, improve efficiency and set new goals for both finances and sustainability.

Digital remote reading provides valid data: At the same time, it eliminates the risk of human error. This is a mission-critical factor because the company’s customers must be able to rely on the accuracy of the transport data and reporting of carbon emissions.

Customer profile
Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S


EMS solution
MinEnergi2, Climate report, Subscription TBD

Customer since
February 2023

Property usage
Warehouse, offices and vehicle fleet comprising goods vehicles, forklifts and semi-trucks

Number of meters
16 energy meters
500 fuel meters

Number of buildings and vehicles
Building stock: 7 buildings
1,100+ vehicles

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