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Ammeraal Beltech wants to do things better, smarter and more efficiently, and that’s where MinEnergi2 comes in.

Ammeraal Beltech produces plastic modular belts and chains for internal transport. Ammeral Beltech is a part of the Ammega Group, and the company aims to minimise their impact on the environment and ensure long-term solutions and risk reduction for their business, customers and stakeholders.

They have launched initiatives to set a standard in several relevant areas, including energy consumption, emissions and climate change, water consumption, circular economy and recycling of all types of waste. MinEnergi2 plays an essential role in this work.

MinEnergi2 is an energy monitoring platform and should be seen as an initiative that contributes to energy optimisation by easily analysing energy consumption in relation to standby consumption, comparing consumption and alerting the right person at the location. At Ammeraal Beltech, Denmark and the Netherlands are the first countries to use MinEnergi2, but it is expected that the platform will be used in many of the company’s other locations.

“It is important for Ammeraal Beltech to minimise energy consumption and keep production costs low. With the help of MinEnergi2, we can optimise energy savings by, among other things, minimising unnecessary processes and improving efficiency.”

Karsten Vangsgaard Jensen
Project Manager

The challenge

ISO 14001 ambition: Ammeraal Beltech in Vejle wanted to establish energy monitoring as part of their efforts to fulfil ISO 14001 requirements, which call for the recording of data.

Manual reading: Originally, meters were read manually, which was a slow process that often resulted in errors. Ammeraal Beltech wanted to save time on readings and, moreover, manual readings were not in line with the requirements of ISO 14001, which has stricter reading requirements.

One system for all locations around the world: Ammeraal Beltech in Vejle is part of the AMMEGA Group, where each location is responsible for, e.g. energy monitoring and environmental impact. Ammeraal Beltech recognised the benefits of having a system that could be used across all locations around the world, and Denmark was selected as a test country with the approval of the head office in the Netherlands.

The solution

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions data from MinEnergi2 will be used to fulfil the requirements of the sustainable strategy, where the company commits to reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency through targeted actions, KPIs and clear targets in this area.

Remote reading of all meters on an hourly basis: Both main and secondary meters will be read remotely, making data directly available in the MinEnergi2 system.

Measuring and reporting energy consumption: All locations must measure energy consumption and CO2 emissions and report the figures to the main company on a monthly basis. This data will be used to calculate their carbonfootprint.

Employees and visitors can track consumption on infoboards: Screens have been set up in several places at Ammeraal Beltech’s location in Vejle to allow employees and visitors to track energy consumption. This allows those who actually consume the energy to visualise the consumption, and involving users in the initiative encourages a change in behaviour.

Results & benefits

Good result from Denmark using the standby module in MinEnergi2: It became clear that there was high standby consumption on a machine in Vejle, even though the machine was not in use. This was due to the machine not being switched off correctly. Consumption dropped from 233 kWh to 3.65 kWh in 24 hours. The machine was not due to be used again for 11 days, so the savings were 2,519 kWh on one of a total of 80 machines of the same type at the location.

More locations to use MinEnergi2: The Group has chosen to implement MinEnergi2 across multiple factories. This includes factories in Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland, and more countries can be regularly added. This became evident from further analyses and the resulting actions and savings and from the solution providing the transparency and data basis required for the level of ambition for future energy optimisation projects in the sustainability strategy.

Customer profile

Industry & Production

Their EMS solution
MinEnergi2, Standard subscription

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Property usage

Number of buildings
Building stock: 7 buildings

Number of meters

Locations in more than 40 countries, 6 countries/locations use MinEnergi2.

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