Climb aboard. We’re building bridges to the green transition.

EnergiData is a Danish SaaS company that develops and supplies the EMS platform MinEnergi2 in the PropTech and SmartBuildings segments, both in Denmark and internationally. We operate in the extremely important area of energy efficiency, where current trends are generating significant demand for our platform and expertise. That is why we are working day in, day out to help Denmark and the rest of the world to do more with less through our EMS platform. Our mission is to generate value for society and the future by supplying a solution and charting a course that supports and facilitates the transition to a green future.

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Employees help values

take to the air

Good values spread like ripples on a pond. Our intention is always to do more – and better. We actively utilise our values to ensure that we live up to our responsibility to our employees, customers and partners. A responsibility that primarily centres on generating a robust framework for our workplace, and the cohesive power that is to help us succeed.

Our employees are our unifying force. And the ones who help our values take to the air. Our aim is to be an inspiring, motivating workplace for the people who are already on board, and for those who join us along the way.

Customer focus.
Team spirit.

Customer focus. Our customer’s reality is our purpose. Customers are the basis of everything we do, and the focal point of our solutions and consultancy. We are working tirelessly to develop our platform and services in order to ensure they match our customer’s reality.

Innovation. We develop our systems to accommodate our customers’ challenges. These challenges are our constant landmark, and we are wholly committed to developing the most open, complete and flexible EMS, both now and in the future.

Team spirit. This is the cohesive power that generates genuine job satisfaction. We are best when we all pull together. That is why we prioritise respect, inclusion and responsibility for the community. We strive to exploit synergy across departments and geographical locations in our organisation.

Quality. No quality, no credibility. Quality in our work and our solutions is at the heart of everything we offer our customers.

Meet your new colleagues

Trine Sørensen

Project Manager
“We have a great sense of camaraderie at EnergiData, both during and outside of working hours. We are mindful of supporting and bringing out the best in each other, which creates a positive work environment where everyone is part of the team.”


We strive to create a workplace distinguished by commitment to input, superior professionalism, and even more green progress.

We offer a flexible working day in what we ourselves consider to be a fascinating, world-class company. We are a solid, dedicated team – and we also excel at the less formal dimension of working life.

We love Mondays and place especial emphasis on the social aspects of the workplace.

Cool facts

EnergiData is a Danish SaaS company that supplies the EMS platform MinEnergi2 in the PropTech segment, both in Denmark and internationally.

We are an independent company that has been operating under the ownership of the energy company OK since 2008. EnergiData currently employs 60 people and has its head office in Køge, Denmark. The company also has a regional office in Viby, Jutland as an extension to OK’s head office.

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