Accelerate your business with our Partner Program. Let’s succeed together!

Grow your business and portfolio of solutions with our EMS platform for digital energy management. A plug and play solution for you and your customers to report on their carbon emissions with full documentation that complies with new regulations and directives. And as a white label solution, the platform is fully customisable with your own branding and configuration preferences.

Engage with our platform and team, and you get

  • A fast-track to complete your portfolio with a proven EMS
  • An easy, intelligent, and intuitive system – plug and play
  • Easy entry into new markets and business areas
  • Full support through onboarding, training and sales
  • A dedicated team of experts to support you, market the solution further
  • The option of white label the solution to your brand

We engage in different partnerships

Whether you are looking for an open and flexible solution in your portfolio to resell or service, or you are a solution provider with the capability of a technology partnership within proptech, or you are working with clients as an advisor on energy efficiency or climate accounting – we are open to partner up.

1. Reseller

Who: Energy consulting firms, sustainability organizations, industry associations, and more.

Are you a reseller looking to expand your solution portfolio of products or services with a market leading Energy Management Solution? We offer:

  • Collaborate on joint marketing campaigns, webinars, and thought leadersip content.
  • Co-branded solutions and services to mutual clients to expand market reach.

2. Technology Partners

Hardware Partnerships

Who: Alliance partnership with manufacturers and distributors of energy monitoring devices, IoT / Meter sensors, and related hardware (loggers).

  • Compatibility and integration of EnergiData software with partner hardware solutions.
  • Collaboration on joint product development, bundling hardware with EnergiData’s software offerings.

Software Partnerships

Who: Software vendors specializing in complementary solutions such as data analytics, energy management, BMS, ESG and IoT platforms.

  • Integrate EnergiData’s software with partner platforms to offer comprehensive solutions to customers.
  • Jointly market integrated solutions and provide seamless interoperability between systems.

3. Service Partners (installation, implementation, integration & advisory)

Who: Systems integrators, IT service providers, and solution architects.

  • We collaborate openly across different service areas
  • Offer APIs and integration frameworks to facilitate seamless integration of EnergiData’s solutions with existing IT infrastructure.
  • Provide training and certification programs for integration partners to ensure expertise in implementing EnergiData solutions.

4. Auditor Partnerships for Climate Reports and CSRD Legislation

Who: Environmental consulting firms, sustainability auditors, and regulatory compliance experts.

As an Auditor/consulting firm you have a role in servicing your customers in sustainability reporting. With our ems-based climate reporting solution, you can extend your service to your customers. With this you can offer your customers a solution that supports both remote data collection as well as automated documentation in direct support of the Environmental part of ESG reporting or CSRD reporting.

  • EMS-based climate accounting ensures you and your clients efficient, valid, and automated documentation for auditing their sustainability reporting.
  • We offer training and a framework for climate reporting and compliance with CSRD legislation.
  • You expand your service area and collaborate with clients on auditing their ESG and CSRD reporting assessments, enabling them to effectively fulfill their sustainability reporting and legal obligations.

Our Partner Program is based on four outstanding pillars

Empowering expertise

With our broad range of both sales and technical training courses and e-Learnings, we help you further develop your expertise in digital energy management, towards being well equipped to meet your new customers.

Knowledge Portal

Our partners get first-hand knowledge of product release news through our partner portal. In addition, we develop and share key materials – providing partners with marketing assets, training, documentation and more.

Marketing support

The Energidata marketing team are experts in how to promote and market our solution. Tap into our expertise and benefit from our experience and tools.

Sales Support

We invest in our joint success, with direct sales support, end-customer lead generation, reference sharing, sales reviews and best practice and market insights sharing.

OEM Partner / White Label Solutions

Take a proven EMS platform and make it your own. Our market leading Energy Management System can be branded as your own product with the option of seamlessly presenting it as a part of your customer facing portals, providing you with the ability to deliver great value to existing and new customers -and added value to existing ones.

Our white label EMS solution is your fast track to offering your customers a modern and intelligent EMS to monitor and manage their energy consumption and production. A system that appeals to all types of users, from C-Level to the financial department, to daily operators and Facility Managers.

You get a proven EMS platform, with excellent label and branding options.

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