MinEnergi2 upgrades

Continuous software updates secure your solution. Free of charge.

Keep pace with development with free software upgrades.

Continuous software updates are our customers’ guarantee that they have purchased a future-proof solution. The MinEnergi2 platform is under constant development, growing bigger and stronger all the time. Every time we release a new version, we offer new functions and modules for everyone in the MinEnergi2 community to use. If you are a MinEnergi2 customer, you are guaranteed a solution that is constantly developing – and one that is both easy and free to upgrade.

A platform in development.
Our developers are wholly committed to developing the most open, complete and flexible EMS – both now and in the future. We are investing hugely in new and innovative development, we are streamlining the system, and we are working tirelessly to increase our capacity to integrate via APIs with other IT systems in the PropTech Stack.

Ready for change
In addition, when our customers encounter change, they are free to scale up and down on buildings, users and locations. No matter what demands or transformation your company is facing, MinEnergi2 is ready to scale, forecast and support your development. In other words: We enable you – our customers – to upgrade, expand, alter and shape the SmartBuilding or PropTech stack that suits your needs.

EnergiData is a leading player in the field of EMS. But we are more than that. We are experts in your energy.

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