H. Daugaard A/S

The international logistics company H. Daugaard A/S is applying digital energy management.

Plain common sense has been the guiding light for H. Daugaard’s work with sustainability for many years. The company is applying digital energy management with a view to working strategically with sustainability and thus with cutting carbon emissions.

This has produced a string of solid results and useful certifications for the company, which has consistently focused on behaviour and implemented a range of initiatives. For example, focusing on the drivers’ behaviour has resulted in a reduction of fully 22% in carbon emissions.

In practice, this entails measuring the company’s entire holdings of lorries, trucks and properties. It is important to be able to document these good results, and to work strategically with sustainability. For this reason, H. Daugaard has invested in MinEnergi2, EnergiData’s energy management platform that is designed to collect data on energy consumption, so that the company can organise its input and document the returns.

“We are passionate about transforming the green approach into a business opportunity, and we also want to take a greener approach to our activities because we consider this an obligation. There is an appreciable need to tell customers, employees and partners that we’re on the green track, and MinEnergi2 is a tool that can help make our input in this area 100% transparent to us and to our customers.”

Michael Frihagen

The challenge

H. DAUGAARD has been working with energy efficiency and green initiatives for more than 20 years, which has also led them to invest in MinEnergi2. The company was keen to gain an overview and control of its energy consumption on the basis of three mission-critical needs: energy-efficiency and savings, green accounts, and its customers’ climate requirements and reporting obligations.

At the same time, the green accounts were to lay the foundations for the company’s green ambitions and capacity to set new goals. Make it possible to communicate with the outside world regarding the initiatives and results from its green agenda. Customers were likewise increasingly requesting data about fuel consumption – data the company was unable to provide.

The solution

Today, the company uses MinEnergi2 to combine the three mission-critical needs – energy and green accounts, a consolidated overview in a consolidated system – and to support customers with data for their reporting obligations.

Energy and fuel consumption are registered digitally in MinEnergi2. This forms the background for a complete climate report that ensures compliance in the context of CSRD and ESG reporting, etc.

Results & benefits

Consolidated overview of consumption leads to action: Energy consumption at 10 locations and a full overview of fuel consumption and km driven consolidated on a single platform. This data basis provides full transparency and an overview of the company’s total energy consumption, including both buildings and vehicles, facilitating work to eliminate energy wastage.

Optimised consumption behaviour: On the basis of analyses and data from MinEnergi2, the company has changed and optimised its consumption behaviour. This has translated into greater operational efficiency, savings in hard cash and reductions in total carbon emissions.

Simple and efficient reporting: Digital energy management collates data in a single place and automates both reporting and forecasting. Customised reports on consumption make it simple for users to document results of the energy-improvement initiatives, while climate reports can be generated with a single click and then supplemented with manual input of figures for waste, for example, to create a complete report.

Alerts safeguard critical business processes: In the area of cooling, for instance, timely action in the event of errors is assured so as to help avoid damage to refrigerated goods, for example.

Saves time and resources: Automation of manual work processes such as reading meters frees up both time and resources for the energy officer, and likewise reduces the risk of human error. Similarly significant reductions can be made in the resources involved in preparing climate reports.

Insight into carbon emission data: Provides a solid basis for setting green goals for the future. In addition, the company can share information about its carbon footprint and green strategy with the outside world. Last but not least, the company can now supply data for its customers’ Scope 3 reporting, in line with the new climate requirements.

Customer profile
H. Daugaard A/S


EMS solution
MinEnergi2, Climate report, Standard subscription

Customer since
November 2019

Number of buildings and vehicles
Building stock: 10 buildings
Unknown number of vehicles
Area: 51,764 sqm

Savings (2021 to 2022)
44% on heating
22% on driving

Number of meters

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