Jørgen Jensen Distribution A/S

JJD A/S is a Danish transport company that supplies a range of transport solutions.

When JJD provides transport for customers in Denmark, with associated warehouse and logistics services, it does so using a future-proofed vehicle fleet where the emphasis is on living up to the most stringent EU standards and on protecting the environment from carbon emissions. In 2022 the company won the Danish Transport Award for making corporate social responsibility and employee well-being a priority area for management, growth and development.

JJD takes a modern approach, viewing IT as a major factor in efficient and optimised operation, and is keen to invest in having the best possible tools available for employees and customers alike.

JJD is a modern transport company that is investing in digital energy management in order to establish a complete overview of energy consumption in its buildings and vehicles, with a view to improving energy efficiency in all areas of the business. At the same time, this approach enables the company to support customers with valid data about the carbon emissions from the transport services they have purchased – so that they, in turn, can comply with the ever-increasing requirements for climate reporting.

The challenge

JJD’s handling of energy consumption and operation was distinguished by manual work processes including reading meters, validating data and preparing the annual carbon report, where statements of consumption typically stemmed from reviewing invoices from the energy companies.

The company lacked overview of where and when energy was consumed, nor was it able to identify potential over-consumption. At the same time, the company had no shared overview of energy consumption comprising both buildings and the vehicle fleet.

The solution

JJD only purchases fuel from OK, which can deliver fuel consumption data directly to MinEnergi2.

A total of 65 vehicles and four buildings were registered in the system. The company thus has access to all energy and fuel data in a single system, where it can both separate consumption down to building- or vehicle- level (diesel consumption per lorry) to identify its performance, and consolidate it in a single overview.

Alarms linked to critical business processes such as cooling help ensure timely action.

Results & benefits (anticipated)

Automated work processes save time and resources: Digital energy management means that data are registered automatically through remote reading and subsequently validated and delivered as kWh, cubic metres and units of carbon dioxide. Automation and direct access to all kinds of energy data translates into savings on both person hours and the preparation/updating of Excel spreadsheets.

Energy efficiency and savings: Hourly readings of consumption and alerts provide insight for identifying errors and waste, making it quick and easy to react and rectify the situation. Energy efficiency also brings savings in the form of both hard cash and reduced carbon emissions.

Transparency and insight into consumption: It is particularly the insight into its total carbon emissions that enables the company to set more specific goals for the future in the fields of both finance and green ambitions.

Complete carbon report: With just a single click, JJD can generate a complete carbon report for the entire company and the fleet – or even for an individual vehicle. Automatically entered data document consumption and savings.

Data and KPIs to help customers fulfil their reporting obligations: In future, JJD can deliver data and KPIs to customers, providing valid data to support those customers in their ESG and CSRD reporting.

Customer profile
Jørgen Jensen Distribution A/S


EMS solution
MinEnergi2, Climate report

Customer since
February 2023 – implementation ongoing

4. Area: 17,000 sqm

Property usage
Warehouse facilities, offices and vehicle fleet comprising goods vehicles, forklifts and semi-trucks

Energy meters: 15
Fuel meters: 65

Savings (target)
15% in the first year

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