EnergiData joins the stakeholder organisation SYNERGI

“SYNERGI is a key platform for common issues of relevance to operators in the sector, and through our membership we aim to promote digitalisation as a path to contributing to smarter, more efficient energy consumption.” Morten Dysted Dahl, CEO, EnergiData

SYNERGI is a Danish stakeholder organisation that works actively to help reduce energy wastage in Denmark. The organisation comprises a network of operators from all links in the energy value chain, where the various companies pull together for a common goal: to eliminate energy wastage. EnergiData has now added its backing to this vision, becoming the most recent member of the organisation.

EnergiData’s role in this “energy value chain” centres principally on data

Data about energy consumption in properties, which still accounts for 40% of Denmark’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. These properties are part of the problem, and therefore part of the solution, too. Improving energy efficiency is a part of the answer.

“Our Digital Energy Management data collected from thousands of properties demonstrate that energy consumption in a production company, a retail chain or a municipal building, for example, can often be reduced by as much as 20–30%. Some more, some less. However, it is obvious that if companies can take control of their energy data, they stand to reap significant gains. Not only with regard to their finances and resource allocation, but also and in particular in the area of fulfilling requirements for documentation and reporting in their climate reports,” explains Morten Dysted Dahl, CEO of EnergiData, who continues:

“If all companies implemented Digital Energy Management, it would be something of a political trump card to play in the context of our common commitment to a climate-neutral Denmark – where the first milestone is to be reached in just seven years.”

Energy Management as a climate differentiator

In the immediate future, energy, sustainability and climate impact are all aspects we must be able to measure. Our technology plays a key role in what are known as “Smart Buildings”, and gives companies a new tool to use in the green transition. They gain insight into their energy data and consumption, which is fundamental in generating savings and boosting energy efficiency, and in setting new goals for their sustainability strategy. At the same time, they obtain documentation for their sustainability reporting and compliance with regard to the CSRD, the new EU reporting directive, for example.

“Companies are increasingly experiencing uncertainty and rising demands from their surroundings in the context of energy consumption. We are working day in, day out on developing our technology in a direction that provides companies with full support in all areas of energy consumption. We are committed to assuming a key position in the climate reporting landscape, where we are currently investing heavily,” says Morten Dysted Dahl. He adds:

“Around 50,000 companies in the EU will shortly be subject to the CSRD reporting directive, which requires them to collect and share sustainability data. The next phase will see an indirect knock-on effect on the large companies’ need for documentation and data. Our goals are: to provide companies with the tools they need to live up to these future ideals. To pave the way for energy efficiency as a climate differentiator and for reduced carbon emissions as a tangible climate KPI. And finally, to enhance companies’ capacity to set climate targets and live up to regulatory obligations – with documentation and reports in a single, automated process.”

To a great extent, the climate battle is a common battle. The Sustainable Development Goals are our common plan. There are also organisations such as SYNERGI, which gather companies together to work side by side to help Denmark achieve its stated goal for 2030: reducing its carbon emissions by 70%. Here at EnergiData, we are looking forward to playing our part in this initiative.

About EnergiData

EnergiData has been a frontrunner in Energy Management, working to promote energy savings in Danish building stock since 1995. We still do to this day, working constantly to help Denmark and the rest of the world to do more with less, through our EMS platform for raising energy efficiency. Our mission is to generate value for society and the future by supplying a solution and charting a course that supports and facilitates the transition to a green future.

EnergiData is a Danish SaaS company that supplies the EMS platform MINENERGI2 in the PropTech segment, both in Denmark and internationally. We are an independent business operating under the ownership of the energy company OK.

Would you like to find out more about the working relationship, or about EnergiData’s contribution to the “energy value chain”? Contact Inger Vinther Veber at invv@energidata.dk

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