New agreement with Grundfos prioritises the environment

EnergiData has entered into a partnership with Grundfos intended to provide energy management in real time at all Grundfos locations worldwide. The digital energy management tool MINENERI2 is to collect and monitor valid data with a view to helping reduce the environmental impact from the company’s properties and production processes.

Over the coming three years, Grundfos will be rolling out its Real Time Environmental Monitoring project at 60 locations in 23 countries, encompassing a total of 180 buildings – with EnergiData as the principal supplier. The project is primarily intended to secure access to valid consumption data in real time, but it also includes software for analysing and regularly reporting environmental impact. In addition to this, it contains procedures and instructions for ensuring maintenance after the project has been rolled out worldwide.

“We chose EnergiData because in our view, the system they offer can be adapted to match Grundfos’ needs – which is a real deal-breaker.”

Pia Helmert Egekvist
Projektleder på Grundfos

Martin Borup Christensen, who is also project manager on the Real Time Environmental Monitoring Project, emphasises that the final decision went to EnergiData because the company is a small supplier on the market and offers a high level of flexibility: “EnergiData supplies an intuitively, tried and tested software platform with the capacity to support Grundfos’ wishes regarding data management.”

Morten Dysted Dahl, CEO of EnergiData, adds:

“Here at EnergiData we’re proud to be the brains behind a software solution that not only provides an overview of energy consumption, but also serves as an active tool in the work to support the green transition in a Danish and international context.

“Our partnership with Grundfos demonstrates that MINENERGI2 and our service concepts match the internal and external requirements for environmental reporting.”

Wants extra services

Grundfos wants a range of extra services that are to support the work to cut energy and water consumption and to reduce environmental impact. As a part of the partnership agreement, Grundfos will therefore have the special FullService concept linked to half of the meters in the project. This means that a team of energy consultants and controllers at EnergiData will draw on valid data from the meters to provide advice and guidance in energy-optimised operation, in order to help Grundfos achieve savings on energy and carbon emissions in its buildings.

Contribution from Kamstrup

A part of the project involves the installation of meters, for which EnergiData has entered into an agreement with Kamstrup as the supplier. In total, Kamstrup is to supply almost 3,000 water and energy meters to the project, and an order for the first consignment has already been placed. Kamstrup and EnergiData are both owned by the Danish energy company OK and they are now to work together to fulfil Grundfos’ requirements in its Real Time Environmental Monitoring Project.

The first of four phases is to cover the installation of meters at locations – including several in Denmark – which account for 40 per cent of Grundfos’ energy consumption. The remaining three phases will be rolled out in the other countries over the coming three years.

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