EnergiData named elite supplier for third year in a row

EnergiData was one of the leading suppliers to the public sector in 2020. The new rankings show that MINENERGI2 is an attractive option for customers keen to monitor energy consumption and track carbon emissions from their properties.

Retention of the prestigious title of “elite supplier” places EnergiData among the top 1 per cent of suppliers to the public sector, measured in hard cash, in 2020. We have succeeded in retaining and developing our position in a sector distinguished by a wide variety of buildings, whose operation can be highly complex. What is more, the sector is having to live up to more and more requirements on areas including sustainability.

“EnergiData has had municipal, regional and state education institutions on its books as customers for many years, due in no small part to our capacity to adapt to the sometimes complex needs presented by customers in this sector. This flexibility is exemplified in our environmental accounts solution, where one click is all it takes to download accurate emission data – making it quick and simple to prepare the annual green accounts,” explains Tommas Lærkegaard-Jensen, Director of Sales and Projects at EnergiData.

Familiarity with the customers

Being awarded the title of elite supplier therefore reflects EnergiData’s capacity to provide products and services that neatly match the needs of public sector customers. An important aspect in this regard is that suppliers to the public sector must be familiar with the special “rules of the game” that apply here in connection with tendering.

“We have a long history of working with public sector tenders and customers, and this know-how naturally benefits our customers. We are fully familiar with the typical challenges, and we have the solutions and the experience to tackle them, ensuring that the working relationship generates maximum value for the customers,” concludes Tommas Lærkegaard-Jensen.

In recent years, public sector organisations including the Municipalities of Assens, Furesø and Køge have implemented a MINENERGI2 system, joining a list that also features the Municipality of Lejre and the University of Copenhagen.

Fact file: It was Mercell Udbudsportal, previously known as Udbudsvagten, that named the company an elite supplier. The organisation has recently published its ranking list that illustrates the cash flow between public and private sectors. The list presents an overview of the total amount invoiced by Danish companies to the public sector in 2020 – with EnergiData in the top percentile. In practice, it means that the company is among the 3,000 leading suppliers to the public sector in Denmark.

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