H. Daugaard is keen to be on the green track

The international logistics company is investing in digital energy management tools to help it work strategically with sustainability and thus reduce carbon emissions from its vehicle fleet, warehouse and office buildings

Plain common sense has largely been the guiding light for H. Daugaard’s work with sustainability for many years, and the company has been rewarded with a string of strong results and useful certificates. It has now become increasingly important to document these good results, and to work strategically with sustainability.

For this reason, the company has invested in MINENERGI2, a digital energy management tool that collects data about energy consumption and allows H. Daugaard not only to organise its initiatives, but also to document the returns on same.

“We are passionate about transforming the green perspective into a business opportunity, and we also want to take a greener approach to our activities because we consider this an obligation. There is an appreciable need to tell customers, employees and partners that we’re on the green track, and MINENERGI2 is a tool that can help make our input in this area 100% transparent to us and to our customers.”

Michael Frihagen
Adm. direktør hos H. Daugaard.

Wants to be among the biggest in the industry

H. Daugaard wants to use MINENERGI2 to pinpoint where the company stands today with regard to energy consumption and carbon emissions, so as to be able to set targets for the future. The total impact from the entire organisation is to define the framework for the targets, which constitute a competitive parameter in this industry.

“We’ve been looking for a tool that could provide a consolidated overview of our carbon emissions. This is precisely what we’ve found in MINENERGI2, an excellent tool that will put us in a position to work strategically with sustainability going forward. We now have a full overview, combined with the opportunity to document our input and track developments in energy consumption and carbon emissions. This provides a solid foundation for working towards specific, green targets,” adds Michael Frihagen.

The green initiatives have a direct effect on customers. By choosing H. Daugaard to transport goods around the world, customers can be sure of working with a green supplier that is contributing actively to the green transition. This is a major benefit in a sector which has been assigned a significant role in the green transition in recent years, and where customers are focusing heavily on sustainability, as is reflected in every link of the supply chain.

Energy savings throughout the organisation

Sustainability is a shared assignment that is to be tackled in every area of the organisation. Taken together, small initiatives make a big difference, so everyone should be able to use MINENERGI2.

“It’s important to us that everyone should have access to MINENERGI2. In this context, it’s a real advantage that the system is intuitive and built up logically,” says Michael Frihagen, who continues:

“Our staff are helping to make a difference, and the results of their work should provide them with the motivation to carry on.”

This message is echoed by Mia Valentina Lauridsen, who works with marketing at H. Daugaard:

“It’s a question of behaviour, of encouraging people to shift their perspective. It’s a management assignment, where the level of knowledge needs to be raised, and where changes in behaviour – down to individual level – are to influence development in a positive direction,” she explains.

OK was the gateway

H. Daugaard is already a transport customer of the energy company OK, which owns EnergiData. This relationship served as the gateway to the working relationship with EnergiData, because OK was quick to highlight the potential in using MINENERGI2 to monitor energy consumption.

“We had a need and had already examined the market. It was good timing when our contact at OK mentioned the potential to achieve energy savings and track carbon emissions in MINENERGI2, and the synergy between OK and EnergiData turned out to be a real advantage for us,” concludes Michael Frihagen.

It is not only H. Daugaard that stands to benefit from the synergy between OK and EnergiData. The entire transport sector is gradually becoming aware that there are gains to be made via the green accounts by starting to take a look at energy consumption in warehouses and office buildings. Moreover, many transport customers are actively seeking out green fuel options, and in this context, the possibility of cutting carbon emissions via MINENERGI2 is attracting a lot of interest in the transport sector.

To find out more about H. Daugaard and its green initiatives, visit the company website here

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