New partner agreement lays the foundations for energy-optimised solutions in buildings

EnergiData and LTECH have entered into a partner agreement which gives LTECH’s customers in the private and public sectors access to MINENERGI2

LTECH delivers CTS and electrical installations throughout Denmark, with the focus on high quality and energy-saving solutions. Through the partnership, even greater emphasis will be placed on energy savings when customers have the opportunity to use the digital energy management system MINENERGI2 to monitor consumption data from their CTS installations.

“The MINENERGI2 software from EnergiData is a perfect match for LTECH’s assignments in the field of CTS and electricity. On the one hand, LTECH ensures that the CTS installation is providing optimal operation, and on the other, the digital analysis tools in MINENERGI2 uses data from this source to identify potential energy savings in the buildings,” relates Marcus Stefanovic, Partner Manager at EnergiData. He continues:

“Added to this, we will have the opportunity to collect emission data for use in preparing our green accounts. MINENERI2 contains an environmental module that displays carbon emissions from electricity, water and heating, enabling customers to document consumption and set targets for their green initiatives.”

MINENERGI2 puts LTECH in a position to offer their customers a single, consolidated package that provides access to a whole range of new services and solutions.

“We’re looking forward to combining MINENERGI2 with LTECH’s powerful CTS solutions. We can make full use of the synergies between these systems – which are all too often separated – and thus bring added value to the market. I’m convinced that, through our new partnership, we’ll be able to help even more customers to achieve energy-optimised operation of their properties,” says Dennis Olsen, Head of Development and Support at LTECH.

In partnership with EnergiData, LTECH expects to be ready to welcome new MINENERGI2 customers around the start of the new year. We’re looking forward to a working relationship that will support energy-optimised solutions that accommodate both financial considerations and the climate.

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