Strategic partnership to underpin shared goals for energy savings in Danish residential properties

EnergiData and the Cleantech company Brunata have teamed up to deliver a complete energy management solution to property administrators all over Denmark, to the benefit of the economy, the indoor climate and the environment.

In future, Brunata’s customers can use EnergiData’s digital energy management system MINENERGI2 to help reduce the consumption of electricity, water and heating in their properties. EnergiData has developed the MINENERGI2 solution to facilitate optimal energy utilisation, and backed by Brunata’s extensive experience in the field of consumption and property data, the partnership is putting customers’ energy savings front and centre.

“The partnership with EnergiData is a natural development for Brunata. As a supplier of meters and consumption accounts, Brunata has more than a century of experience in the residential properties market. Through this strategic partnership, we aim to provide all our customers with access to a whole new world of services, where a professional and simple solution for managing properties’ energy utilisation is combined with Brunata’s core competence in meters and consumption accounts. It was important for us to choose the partner that could provide Brunata customers with access to the strongest possible energy management solution. Just like us, EnergiData focuses unswervingly on delivering advanced technology quickly and simply, and we are now in a position to offer our customers a robust and competitive energy management solution as a supplement to the products we ourselves provide,” explains Jesper Holm Kristoffersen, VP Sales & Marketing at Brunata.

MINENERGI2 has been helping Danish and international customers to make significant savings on their energy budgets since 1997, and the time has now come to offer the same benefits to the residential property segment.

“Every day, EnergiData assists major retail companies and local authorities in establishing an overview of their energy consumption, and we enjoy a strong position in these segments. We have no doubt that our extensive experience with energy management systems will help ease the load on property administrators, irrespective of whether their point of focus is cooling analyses, comparisons of consumption in their various properties, or documentation of their carbon emissions,” relates Morten Dysted Dahl, CEO of EnergiData. He continues:

“We view Brunata as a highly competent partner in the residential property segment, and both companies will surely benefit from providing property administrators with access to transparent, easily comprehensible data in MINENERGI2”

The new strategic partnership has already been launched, and it is expected that the first customers will be able to start using MINENERGI2 for the energy optimisation of their buildings in spring 2020.

If you would like to find out more about the new strategic partnership, contact Morten Dysted Dahl on +45 77 31 32 61.

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