Elgiganten’s department stores are highly energy efficient – and this has a major effect on energy consumption.

Overall, Elgiganten consumes fewer kWh in its department stores than it did in 2012, even though the company now operates more stores. In fact, the company uses 30% less power today than it did a decade ago. This is the result of dedicated input to save energy.

As a result of focusing on resource consumption, Elgiganten’s department stores are now among the most energy-efficient retail outlets in Denmark. MinEnergi2 enables the company to monitor energy consumption in all its department stores 24/7, and the energy management solution makes it possible to maintain a dialogue with department store managers about consumption and savings potential.

Through this approach, each store is now saving the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 3–4 standard households, which naturally translates into both financial and environmental benefits.

“It’s interesting to see the positive return on our initiative, which has now been running for ten years. In order to understand the sheer scope of these savings, you need to consider that if Elgiganten had done nothing back in 2011/12, our consumption over the past decade would potentially have been 4,200 MWh greater every year. This corresponds to a saving of 42,000 MWh – i.e. 42,000,000 kWh – over ten years.”

Peder Stedal

The challenge

Elgiganten has been working concertedly with energy efficiency for more than a decade. The challenges facing the company were:

Multiple “energy sinks”: A department store stocked with electronic goods uses a lot of energy. The lighting and electronic devices could remain switched on 24/7, even when the store was closed. Heating was provided by radiators, and there was little emphasis on insulation.

Goal of climate neutrality: The goal of being climate neutral by 2040 demands action and requires energy management in the stores.

The solution

Elgiganten outlets are among the most energy-efficient department stores in Denmark, due in no small part to timely action in 2011/12. From 2014 to 2020, Elgiganten has expanded its network of department stores by 58%, while total energy consumption in these outlets has risen by just 16%.

Monitoring energy consumption 24/7 on an hourly basis: Overall, Elgiganten has cut energy consumption from 168 kWh/m2 to 108 kWh/m2.

Only uses energy in opening hours: The company only consumes energy for heating and cooling when necessary.

Installation of CTS units and LED as standard: Through the use of constant measurements, Elgiganten can control the indoor climate as these units are designed to balance heating, ventilation and cooling. LED lighting is now standard in all department stores in contrast to the previous situation, where other sources of light were used. Elgiganten strives as far as possible to install solar panels on new buildings.

Ambassadors in the department stores: All staff can see consumption in their own stores in MinEnergi2.

Results and benefits

Energy-efficient operation was made possible by Elgiganten identifying and implementing specific, practical initiatives to reduce consumption.

Control of electronics displays and lighting: The whole system is based on interaction with MinEnergi2

Can implement tangible initiatives: Elgiganten uses MinEnergi2 to locate over-consumption and to implement tangible initiatives to eliminate waste

Dialogue is the key: Emails about savings potential are sent to store managers from both EnergiData and Facility Manager, and this has produced savings of 42,000,000 kWh over ten years.

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MinEnergi2, Climate Report, Full Service Subscription

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Retail stores with considerable energy consumption on account of lighting, TV walls, entrance areas and long opening hours

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Building stock: 300 buildings

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Electricity, district heating, natural gas, water, solar panels

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

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