The Municipality of Lejre

Energy efficiency is a high-priority area, with a key role to play in the local authority’s finances and climate strategy

The Municipality of Lejre has an ambitious climate plan and the stated goal of becoming climate neutral and -robust in 2050 – at the latest. MinEnergi2 is the EMS platform that makes key data available, enabling the local authority to achieve its green targets.

Energy management pays dividends for the Municipality of Lejre. Working with energy-optimised operation of the municipal buildings is a prioritised area, largely because a) it has a significant impact on the improving the municipality’s finances; b) it improves the indoor climate; and c) it will help reduce their carbon emissions – and allow them to document their progress.

The Department for Service & Properties is the workplace of a central energy officer who acts as general energy coordinator. She works with a large number of users out in the individual buildings and is tasked with maintaining an overview of the total consumption. If unusual consumption is noted, users can call her for clarification. If the situation is a little more complicated, she can call EnergiData to discuss the issue and access assistance in solving the problem.

“MinEnergi2 can help us target our input accurately because it provides a lot of data, enabling us to act and take the measures necessary to achieve the goals set out in our climate plan.”

Dorte Søndergaard
The Municipality of Lejre

The challenge

The Municipality of Lejre has been working concertedly with energy efficiency for more than a decade. The challenges leading to their EnergiData setup are:

Complex property portfolio
The local authority owns many types of buildings that are used for different purposes and are in various states of repair. This makes it difficult to generalise or standardise, as each building has to be dealt with separately.

Few resources in the department
Ambitions are high, but the number of staff is low. They therefore help from outside if they are to achieve their ambitions.

Desire for energy-optimised operation
Working to improve energy efficiency is crucial to the ability to stay within budget and to reduce carbon emissions.

The solution

Digital Energy Management: The Municipality of Lejre uses MinEnergi2 on a daily basis. Hourly readings of consumption identify wastage, and alerts facilitate timely action. The users in the different buildings have all been set up as users in the system. If they receive an alert they cannot decipher – or if they need assistance – they can contact the central energy officer at the municipality.

Automated climate report: Make it simple to prepare the municipality’s climate report, with automated reporting and documentation of the municipality’s total carbon footprint and savings.

Full Service subscription: The Municipality of Lejre is a small local authority and needs help in everyday situations to identify and act on opportunities for saving energy. From Day 1, the municipality has had a Full Service subscription. This means that they have a direct link to a dedicated energy consultant at EnergiData, who is familiar with the buildings and can provide useful input regarding the challenges and projects that the municipality does not have the time or the resources to handle itself.

Results & benefits

Reduces wastage to a minimum: The Municipality of Lejre is good at streamlining and avoiding waste. A long and strong working relationship between the Municipality of Lejre and EnergiData has therefore generated high value for the municipality’s finances, for the climate and for prioritising the right measures to ensure energy-optimised operation.

Simple compilation for DK2020: Using the “climate report” function makes it simple for the Municipality of Lejre to report data to DK2020, which is a climate partnership for local authorities in Denmark.

Data for targeted input: A broad overview of energy consumption provides the municipality with insight, assisting it in reaching the goals set out in its climate plan: “Our Place – Our Climate, 2020–2050”.

Control of consumption: This means that, for example, the municipal buildings only consume energy when they are actually in use.

Customer profile
The Municipality of Lejre

State & Municipal

EMS solution
MinEnergi2, Climate Report, Full Service Subscription

Customer since
10+ years

Schools, daycare institutions, sports halls and office administration

Number of buildings


Number of meters
435 Remotely read
33 Manual

Forms of energy
District heating, heat pumps, electricity, water, solar panels and natural gas

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