FullService: A service concept that pays off twice over

In 2021 EnergiData registered the energy and carbon savings achieved by our FullService customers. The results are now in – and they’re good.

It really pays – from the perspectives of finances and the green transition – to invest in digital energy management with MINENERI2 and our team of energy consultants and controllers. In 2021 customers who chose our FullService concept saved DKK 2 for every DKK 1 they invested in digital energy management. On average, it takes just six months to pay off the initial investment.

The total energy savings in kWh and cubic metres translated into carbon reduction of 915 tonnes, and prevented the wastage of fully 83,700 cubic metres of clean drinking water.

In all, EnergiData has identified excess consumption to the tune of DKK 3 for every DKK 1 the customer invested in the special service concept. Of these DKK 3, around DKK 2.25 was converted into energy savings via initiatives developed between EnergiData and the customer.

FullService pays dividends

Our FullService team monitors customers’ energy consumption on a daily basis, and reacts to excess consumption in the buildings. This may take the form of high consumption at night from running air conditioning units, water wasted from a running toilet, or poor cooling in the warmer months.

When our FullService specialists identify excess consumption, they register it and call the customer’s attention to the situation. We follow up automatically if the excess consumption is not halted, providing the customer with good advice and tips for how to reduce the wastage. Once the excess consumption has been dealt with, our team registers the energy saving and converts it into the financial value in terms of the customer’s own energy prices.

However, the financial savings are not the only benefit for the customer.

A saving on energy is more than just a financial gain

Consideration for the climate and green initiatives make up a large part of the work with energy management and building operation. This is actually an extremely significant factor for our customers, who have felt the effects of the green agenda at first hand in recent years. In practice, this means that they have to live up to both internal and external requirements for reducing carbon emissions.

The need for measurable climate data for use in climate reports, for example, is top of mind for our customers, while data about carbon emissions from MINENERGI2 play a key role in the green trajectory.

The means to achieving the green goals

In and of itself, an energy management system cannot produce savings in energy and carbon emissions. That demands active input and realistic goals, backed by sufficient time and resources. And time and resources in particular are often in short supply among our customers. That is why EnergiData offers a range of service concepts designed to support customers on their journey to a greener profile and healthier finances.

FullService is just one of these concepts – we have many more tools in our toolbox. For example, there is our Meter Service. Here, EnergiData ensures that all data sources report in, and that the data are valid. This lays the foundations for the customer, working closely with one of our energy consultants, to launch the initiatives designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

In 2022 we have already registered a number of new customers who have chosen our FullService concept. We are continuing to register the savings and have already identified positive tendencies for Q1 2022.

Would you like to find out more about registering for FullService? Give us a call on +45 46 14 14 60

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