New partnership outside Denmark breaks new ground

EnergiData has entered into a partner agreement with the British company SAV Systems, which has thus become our first partner outside Denmark. The partnership highlights a strongly developing business area with great potential.

SAV Systems has years of experience in selling and installing energy solutions throughout the UK, and new customers – primarily local authorities and public sector bodies – will now have the chance to use MINENERGI2 to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in their buildings. SAV Systems states:

“In the UK, two out of three local authorities and public sector bodies are to be carbon neutral by 2030. A challenge facing many of them is that they don’t know precisely what this involves or what they need to do to reach their goal. For SAV Systems, the partnership with EnergiData – given this company’s extensive experience and expertise – marks a natural step on the path to assisting local authorities and public sector bodies in tackling this challenge.”

SAV Systems has established a sister company, EnergiRaven, to chart the most energy-efficient path to carbon neutrality. The intention is for MINENERGI2, which they have renamed “myenrgiraven 2.0”, to help the local authorities and public sector bodies to reduce their energy costs through energy savings.

Ultimately, the energy savings are to help finance the subsequent initiatives that will be instrumental on the journey to carbon neutrality.

SAV Systems is to have responsibility for selling and installing MINENERGI2 and then providing service for the system’s customers. EnergiData is tasked with ensuring that the staff have the skills and knowledge they need for the assignment, via an onboarding process that includes training in the sale and operation of the system.

A business area with appreciable potential

In recent years, EnergiData has focused on establishing strategic partnerships with companies in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe. In Denmark, the portfolio currently numbers customers such as Brunata and LTECH, and SAV Systems emphasises that the business area has great potential throughout Europe.

“We make no secret of the fact that the partnership with SAV Systems contains significant potential to assist MINENERGI2 in becoming a widely used energy management system outside Denmark. At the same time, it breaks new ground from the perspective of establishing similar working relationships with other enterprises.”

Morten Dysted Dahl
Adm. direktør hos EnergiData

The partner business in Denmark – and now the UK – has grown so large that it has become necessary to devote separate focus to it within the EnergiData organisation. For this reason, a new department has recently been established and a Partner Director has been appointed and tasked with accommodating the steadily rising success and activity in the area.

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